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Designer Clothing at
The Vault

Looking good is feeling good

Designer clothing has always made its wearer feel good, and here at Vault we were founded on the core belief that “looking good is feeling good” to us this is not just a strap line, but a principle with our stock of on trend designer clothing such as Hoodrich & EA7 and the classic heritage brands like Lacoste we fulfill this through our product.

Both online and in-store we aim to provide only the highest quality designer brands with a high quality service to match their quality, with an easy to navigate, responsive and secure website with the newest on trend designer clothing. Prefer in-store service? why not our store in Doncaster? where we aim to treat every customer as an individual, tailoring our service to your specific needs offering you that spark of customer service that can't be offered online.

Whether its Mercier, Fred Perry, Amicci or any other designer clothing from the wide range we stock their reputation precedes them, in everything from innovation, value and Workmanship, we are so secure in our support for these brands that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee with every purchase.

Below is a small sample of the brands we offer: