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History of: New Era – Gatsby to 59Fifty

Family owned for over four generations, Ehrhardt Koch the companies founder was one of the great pioneers of mens fashion creating and revolutionising the mens casual hat creating the New Era company known internationally for its quality and style. 1920 – 1940 Starting in 1920 after 18 years of service for the John Miller Cap Company, Ehrhardt Koch saw an oppertunity to take his skills to the next level, borrowing $1000 to start the E Koch Cap Company under the name New Era Cap Company they began sales in 1920... Read More

How a suit should fit 21/07/2017

The suit: The fit

From Beijing to London the suit is one of the, if not the most iconic and widely worn pieces of men’s clothing, transitioning effortlessly between the boardroom and the bar they have largely resisted the trends of the day to retain the iconic classic look every modern man craves from their wardrobe. As widely worn as they are, the suit is often one of the most badly worn pieces of clothing whether it is mismatched colours (that’s another article for another day) or a bad fit many people don’t know... Read More

Farah Brand history 18/07/2017
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History of: Farah – From Texas to Islington

One thing is for sure, any piece of clothing brandished with the golden F is a classic, transcending age, culture and era from the universities of Texas to the suburbs of London Farah has graced wardrobes since 1910. .Since its foundation Farah has been worn proudly by some of the most influential men in history, loved by Professionals, musicians, artists and manual workers the world over. 1920 – 1940 Starting life as a small family concern in a corner of Texas, Mansour Farah and his wife began producing shirts under... Read More

Aquascutum the history 12/07/2017
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History of: Aquascutum – History of the royal powerhouse

Early Days Established in the year of the great Exhibition 1851 by John Emary the original store located at 46 regent street was a high quality menswear store with big dreams. Just two short years later in 1853 John successfully created the first waterproof wool, patenting his discovery this was the year the company found its name that still stands today, Aquascutum translating into ‘water shield’ from Latin this product became the defining fabric of the brand. Luck hit the company with the outbreak of the Crimean war in 1853, with... Read More

Lacoste History 11/07/2017

History of: Lacoste – The origin of the Crocodile

Where the Iconic croc came from Officially founded in 1933 by René Lacoste world number one Tennis player at the time, finding sport attire at the time restrictive he came up with an idea, which has revolutionised not just sports but fashion as a whole. Some believe that he came up with the idea of the iconic shirt based on English Polo players (hence the name ‘Polo shirt’) emulated by John Brookes, origionally called Tennis shirts around the same time René  was nicknamed the alligator by both fans and the... Read More